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The Lash Mall Partners with Blink & Brow Co.

"New Partnership Brings Convenient Shopping to [The Lash Mall] Customers"

"Brink and Mortar Location Now Available at The Lash Mall through Partnership with Blink and Brow Co."

<> Vancouver, British Columbia - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Langley, British Columbia - Blink & Brow Co., with over a leading provider of high-quality lash extension services, and education has announced a collaboration with The Lash Mall in the British Columbia market. With the growing demand for lash extension products in British Columbia, Blink & Brow Co. is excited to bring The Lash Mall brick-and-mortar store to the local, Langley market. The Lash Mall company specializes in providing curated lash products that range from, high-end adhesives, lash lift tools, and premium quality lash extensions. Blink & Brow Co's lash artists are certified and trained in the latest lash extension techniques, ensuring that their clients receive the best quality services. They use premium quality lashes that are safe and long-lasting, and their commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in their excellent reviews. "We are thrilled to be adding a physical lash product location to British Columbia," said Blink & Brow Co.'s CEO, Dawn Walsh. "Our first mission is to help our clients look and feel their best.” “We also want our students to have access to products “on demand” and knew that adding The Lash Mall to our Brookswood location would be an asset” Blink & Brow Co. offers a range of lash extension services, including classic, hybrid, and volume lashes. They also provide lash lift and tint services to enhance the natural lashes. Clients can book their appointments online at or by calling 604-510-5274 For more information about Blink & Brow Co. and their services, visit their website Blink & Brow Co. 5499 Salt Lane Langley, BC 604-510-5274

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