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5 Things to look for when in search of a quality lash extension training facility.

So, you have made the decision to have a side hustle, or maybe you have bigger dreams, you want to do lash extensions full time. Or maybe your on the path of opening a Lash Enterprise! Why not right? Maybe, just maybe we can give you some advice on where you start and how to choose the right training for you! Get educated and ask the right questions, lets help you avoid making these 10 common mistakes...

1. I'm going to go to the place that offers the biggest kit! This is an awesome idea if the kit is full of Premium brand goodies from the likes of the hottest most reputable companies out there. Like Le Coeur Lashes or Sugar Lash Pro Unfortunately, some of the kits that boast huge offerings are not made of the quality that success is built on. Its easy to build a kit made of budget lashes and plastic gadgets that wont work after a week. Find out what products your school is using, and be sure that those are the products you would want put on your face.

2. I get my lashes done at a house, I should get my tech to train me! Yes! A great idea! If your tech is Licensed, Insured and Permitted. Teaching students to work from home is the greatest gift! To work from home should be every woman's prerogative. Something to think on though, is it important to you to learn from someone who is legally operating a business with permits and licenses? Or, would you rather have a certificate from an accredited academy?

3. The lash extension educator can't show me where she was trained, how do I know if she herself was certified? Simply ask your educator to show where they were trained (actual certificate) and what date. If you suspect that something doesn't look right, just call the institution where they were trained to verify.

4. They don't show on their site how long they have been doing lashes. I'm nervous to ask. Maybe just mention that you can't see a date of when the business was opened and were wondering why? It is probably a good idea to know how long your educator has been doing lashes. Nothing can replace experience. Anyone can copy a manual and teach it but, experience and factual information on what can actually happen in the work place is invaluable!

5. I'm looking at taking training from this school but I think its only a one man show! There are many great instructor/educators out there who run a humble establishment (even if its just one person) they may be amazing! You may get a fabulous education. Do know that an establishment with high volume and many staff members is probably going to be able to offer more insight and experience as to what the marketplace looks like. This is because of the amount of clients coming in and offering feedback. And overall the level and magnitude of what goes on in a day can potentially offer great insight into "what to do and what not to do".

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