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In response to the recent covid-19 pandemic and our ability to re-open, we have taken the following precautions for your safety and ours. 

1. All clients and Staff who are exhibiting symptoms of illness are asked to stay home. 

2. All clients and staff are asked to wear a mask due to the fact that we must work in such close proximity to one another.

3. All handwashing and sanitization guidelines will remain in place as before except further enhancements like sanitizing all surfaces like door handles and counters on a continual basis throughout the day.

4. All sterilization that was done before COVID will be the same now. We already treated our working tools as semi-critical items and sterilized them as such.

4. All waiting areas will have been spaced out to the recommended 6 feet apart.

5. We will only allow 6 clients in the facility at a time at our Salt Lane location and 5 at our Brookswood location.

6. All classes will have students distanced the same.

7. All classes will be smaller so that we can distance appropriately.

8. All surfaces will be free of any decorative or non - essential objects.

9. Our hours are extended so that we can spread the appointments out throughout the day vs. everyone in an area at once.

10. Plexiglass barriers at all desks for payment.

11. All clients will also be asked to use sanitizer provided upon arrival. 

12. Policy reminders will be posted in convenient places to ensure safety.

13. Clients are asked to wait in their vehicle (if available) before arriving for appointment time (in order to limit time inside facility)

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