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-Exceeding Health Canada Guidelines

-Fully Insured & Licensed 

As Predicted, lash extensions have taken over!

Not only does a career in Lashing offer unlimited

income potential, it allows you to be your own boss!
Blink & Brow Co. has been teaching Lash Extension Certification 

since 2011. We have been lashing so long that we actually have the name @lashextensions on instagram! We were the first company to bring 

Lash Extensions to Langley BC 9 years ago!

Trained in Honolulu, Hawaii spreading the

love over the West Coast. We have trained

some of the most famous technicians and schools out

there today! 

We offer a 2 day course; Intensive Classic Lash Certification, a 2 day course in Volume Lashing, & a 1 day Lash Lift Training! All of our classes include FREE unlimited follow-up. We highly suggest you check out the credentials of our work on instagram and other outlets. - known to have the one of the most elite programs in North America! We have students fly in from all around the world to take our training!

Our classes are designed exclusively to show you how to become a CONFIDENT, Professional Lash Extensionist & Volume tech. We teach you how to be fast, while not compromising quality. When you are trained by Blink & Brow Co, you also get the perks of having Discounts OFF of all  Le Coeur Lash Supplies!  www.lecoeurlashes.ca

Why Blink & Brow Co.?

At Blink & Brow Co. we believe that a happy client is a repeat client. A lot goes into creating a happy client. Obviously being like-able and professional sets the tone of how the appointment is going to be. But the quality of work ultimately will determine if your client is truly satisfied. We have a team of instructors who have been trained in a "high volume" establishment, with years of experience. We have been known to be very fast and efficient in lashing and there is a trick to it! This method is taught in our class! (Yes, we do every lash! )


I will be certified within 2 days?

Absolutely! Not only certified but, qualified! Our training is so robust and intensive that we have successfully taught hundreds of students and watched them grow into some of the most elite artists (some sponsored as well) in the market today! Our class is Hands on, with 2 instructors in every class for practicum. Even though our class is 2 days, we have an optional 3rd day (at no charge) if our students feel they need it! 


Just take a look at the potential Revenue you can Achieve: Lash Extensions cost average $100 -250 per Procedure! 5- 10 procedures per week you do the math!! Some of our techs do 8 clients per day!
Course Outline:

The Boss Babe (2 Day Intensive Classic Lash Extensions Training)
2 Day Blink & Brow Co. Course

Day 1- (Theory and knowledge)
-Safety, Sensitivities & Sanitation
-Health Canada guidelines

-How to get insured/permits
-Technique : Application & Isolation

-Eyelash extension differentiation

-Eyelash biology 101

-How to ensure retention

-"When to fill when to full"

-How to prevent disease/infection

-Product knowledge

-Procedure overview

-Give your clients celebrity looks with our Celebrity Mapping

example...Kim Kardashian Map, Kylie Jenner map, Ariana Grande map

Day 2 (Practical)
-isolation mastery

-application mastery
-fill practice
-lash removal
-lash emergency
-how to apply individual extensions (Practical)

Click here to Apply, Space is limited.


All top of the line lashes......(we use www.lecoeurlashes.ca)
A curved tweezer
A straight tweezer
Collagen gel eye patches (15 sets)
Pro glue
6 trays of lashes ( $120.00 Value)

mascara wands
Medical tape
Blink & Brow Co. Certificate & Training Manual

Our students are fully trained by the end of the

course except 1 follow-up is advised ( at no cost)

and you must show us your work on the first

10 sets (via messenger is sufficed) We are here

with you even years down the road. If our

students need assistance, we are here to help.

We never leave you hanging!


By the way, if you feel you want to take the

class again to freshen up, we absolutely DO NOT charge you!

Click here to Apply, Space is limited.

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Still have questions? Email us at  academy@blinkandbrow.com




UPCOMING Certification Courses in BC area:

Langley, BC

Classic Lash Training- 2020 

Oct   -    10th & 11th            SOLD OUT

Oct   -    17th & 18th           SOLD OUT

Oct -      24th & 25th          SOLD OUT

Nov -     14th  & 15th          FINISHED

Nov -     21st  & 22nd         3 SPACES LEFT

Nov -     28th & 29th          5 SPACES LEFT

Dec -     5th  &  6th            6 SPACES LEFT

Dec-      12th & 13th           4 SPACES LEFT


Prince George Dates 



Langley, BC

Dec  - 5th  &  6th              4 SPACES LEFT


UPCOMING Lash Lift & Tint Classes in BC:

Langley, BC.

Dec-   13th @  4:15       3 SPACES LEFT



No Online Training, Our Training is all Hands On!

After becoming a certified tech we suggest

practicing for a minimum of 2 months. Then

guess what? It is time for you boss babes to level up! 


This class is a one day masters class and has 

a volume kit included. Here you learn

Everything you need to do volume lashing!

  • -3d and 5d fans

-Russian & Mega Volume


-how to gauge weight

-tweezer techniques 

-how to determine what a quality fan is

-how to fill & different techniques for filling

-how to correctly use adhesive in form and amount

-the difference between russian and mega volume

-sizing and when to use what

-Blink & Brow fast fan technique 

....For details on the kit inclusions, cost & dates click below.



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Lash  lift &Tint


Learn with our hottest product that will cut your time in half

For exceptional results you need exceptional education

This is our specialty.

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