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As Predicted, lash extensions have taken over.

Not only does a career in Lashing offer unlimited

Income potential, but allows you to be your own boss!

Blink & Brow Co. has been teaching Lash Extension Certification since 2011. 

We have been lashing so long that we actually have the name @lashextensions on Instagram! 

We were the first company to bring Lash Extensions to Langley BC 11 years ago!

The owner, Dawn Walsh was trained in Honolulu, Hawaii (where she was living) and is now sharing Aloha & Love across the West Coast. 

We have trained some of the most famous technicians and schools out

there today! Currently, over 1500 students to date.


Due to the success of the Training at Blink & Brow Co, and her extensive experience,  Dawn knew there was a need for every tech to have access to the education needed to operate in a safe and clean environment. Because safety is a priority,recently Dawn, optometrists, physicians, and Health Canada wrote the Beauty Safe Lash Extension Course for The Beauty Council Canada to help educate Canadian Lash Artists to facilitate safe experiences with all of their clients. 


We offer:

2  Day course; Intensive Classic Lash Certification

1  Day course; Volume and Hybrid  Certification 

1  Day course; Lash Lift Certification 

1 Day  course;  Henna Brow Certification 

All of our classes include FREE unlimited follow-up. We highly suggest 

you check out the credentials of our work on Instagram and other outlets. - known to have one of the most elite programs in North America! We have students fly in from all around the world to take our training! 

Our classes are designed exclusively to show you how to become a CONFIDENT, Professional Lash 

Extensionist & Volume tech. We teach you how to be fast, while not compromising quality.

When you are 

trained by Blink & Brow Co, you also get the perks of having Discounts OFF of all 

 Le Coeur Lash Supplies!

Just take a look at the potential Revenue you can Achieve: 

Lash Extensions cost an average $100 -250 per Procedure! 

5 - 10 procedures per week you do the math!! Some of our techs do 10 clients per day!  

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Upcoming Certification Courses in BC area: Langley, BC


Classic Lash Training - 2023

$1175.00 (including deposit)

Jul          29th & 30th        SOLD OUT

Aug       19th  & 20th        SOLD OUT

Aug       26th  & 27th        3 SPACES LEFT

Sep       23rd &  24th        5 SPACES LEFT

Oct      21st  &  22nd         4 SPACES LEFT

Nov      25th & 26th          7 SPACES LEFT



When seeking out an establishment to learn the art of lash extensions it is important to know the level of experience your instructors have. We have been in the business of exclusively doing lashes for 11 years and counting. We operate a very successful 16-employee company with 2 locations and are fully insured. Our course is robust in that we will fully equip the student to be independent and confident in this competitive market.


Day 1 - (Theory and knowledge)

  • Safety, Sensitivities & Sanitation

  • Health Canada guideline

  • How to get insured/permits

  • Technique: Application & Isolation

  • Eyelash extension differentiation

  • Eyelash biology 101-How to ensure retention

  • "When to fill when to full"

  • How to prevent disease/infection

  • Mapping 

  • Product knowledge

  • Procedure overview


Day 2 (Practical)

  • fill practice

  • lash removal

  • lash emergency

  • isolation mastery

  • application mastery

  • how to apply individual extensions (Practical) (2 sets on 2 models)



  • All top of the line lashes......(we use

  • A curved tweezer

  • A straight tweezer

  • Collagen gel eye patches (15 sets)

  • Pro glue

  • 6 trays of lashes (PRO, PREMIUM QUALITY, LASHES)

  • 50 Mascara Wands

  • Lip Mask

  • Coloured Medical tape

  • Blink & Brow Co. Certificate & Training Manual



 Please call Dawn if you have any questions:


Class starts at :

ADDRESS IS 4115-208 Street, Langley BC


10am  the first day and finishes around 4pm

10am the second day and finishes at 5pm

Upcoming Volume/ Hybrid Certification

in BC area: Langley, BC


1 Day Intensive Volume / Hybrid Training $895.00 (including deposit)

July 27th     SOLD OUT

Sept 24th   4 SPACES LEFT

Nov 26th    5 SPACES LEFT 



Our Training is all Hands-On!

After becoming a certified tech then

guess what? It is time for you to level up! 

This class is a 1-day masters class and has 

a volume kit included with premium quality


In this class you will learn Everything

you need to do volume lashing!

​​-Russian & Mega Volume

- Hybrid 


-how to gauge weight

-tweezer techniques 

-how to determine what a quality fan is

-how to fill & different techniques for filling

-how to correctly use adhesive in form and amount

-the difference between Russian and mega volume

-sizing and when to use what

-Blink & Brow fast fan technique 




  • 1 Le Coeur Together Forever Volume adhesive

  • 2 Trays of Le Coeur Uber thin Volume lashes

  • 1 Tray of Noir Volume lashes

  • 1 Tray of Fluffy Fans

  • 1 Tray of Sprung Fans

  • 1 Curved Elite Volume tweezer

  • 1 Isolation Elite Volume tweezer

  • 50 Mascara Wands

  • 10 Under-eye gel pads

  • Glue tray

  • LashTape

  • Volume Glue Cup


     For details on the kit inclusions, cost

     & dates click below.












UPCOMING Henna Brow Certification:

Langley, BC.  $795.00 (including deposit)

Sept 24th   9am        2 Spaces Left



 Welcome to Blink & Brow Co. Henna Brow Certification Class.

Henna Brow is the newest, hottest way to tint eyebrows! There are so many reasons why Henna Brow is better than just regular tinting. We worked on putting the most intensive, complete training available in BC today. We are very proud and honoured to share this class with you.

In this class, we will cover:

  • What is Henna Brow Health Canada Guidelines + Safety

  • Why choose Henna Brow

  • The Benefits of Henna vs.Traditional tinting

  • Brow Biology

  • Henna Brow Safety & Potential Complications

  • Allergies + Patch testing

  • Before + After Care and Maintenance

  • When to Henna, When to Not

  • Designing according to Facial Structure

  • Henna Brow Application

  • Procedure

  • Brow Correction

  • Henna Brow Safety & Do’s & Don’ts

  • Client Care

You will also receive a Supercillium Henna Brow Kit (Retail $340.00) Supercillium is THE highest, most elite quality henna product on the global market today. We import + distribute this incredible product which is directly from Supercillium in Amsterdam so that we can share perfection with you all.

Once you have the best, you will NEVER go elsewhere for your Henna needs.

In your kit you will receive:

  • 6 shades of Brow Henna (Blonde, Auburn, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black)

  • (Supercilium henna kit)

  • Eucalyptus Color Developer Matcha & Mint Cleanser Colour Corrector Mixing cup

  • Measuring spoon

  • Angled brow brush

  • Mascara Wands

  • 1pkg of cotton pads


Langley Blink & Brow Co. is hands-on, with in-class training with our Master Educator. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NEED 2 Models (Please read full description and instructions in your confirmation email on what time the model is to arrive:)) We use a specific product that you will learn more about in class and have the option to purchase for the duration of your career. 





UPCOMING Lash Lift & Tint Training in the BC area:

Langley,BC.$495.00(including deposit)

AUG    20th      4pm     2 Spaces Left

SEPT    17th        4pm    4 Spaces Left

OCT     15th       4pm     4 Spaces Left




PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A MODEL (Please read the full description and instructions on what time the model is to arrive:))

We use a specific product that you will learn more about in class and have the option to purchase for the duration of your career. What makes our product so special? It is able to lift the lashes in half the time thus, creating an opportunity to make more money and have happier clients! 


  • Lasts up to 8 weeks

  • No mascara needed

  • No adhesive or extensions needed

  • Very safe

  • A great addition to the existing lash extension business for those who just can't get extensions or want a more natural look 




  • Lash Lift introduction

  • Lash lift Theory & Knowledge

  • Eyelash Theory

  • What to do when the lashes are too long or too short

  • Safety & Sanitization

  • Process

  • Aftercare

  • Lash tint

  • Step-by-step procedure


Kit includes:

  • Step1 Perming solution

  • Step 2 Setting solution

  • Step 3 Nourishing Oil

  • 10 Silicone Wands

  • 10 Microfibre brushes

  • 10 flocked applicators

  • 10 Cotton Swabs

  • 10 Under Eye Gel Pads

  • 1 Curved Implement

  • 1 Dental Mirror

  • 8 Silicone shields

Please call Dawn if you have any questions: 778-823-5274

"For exceptional results, you need exceptional education"

-this is our specialty!


Lash  lift &Tint


Learn with the newest products with the most experienced educators!

For exceptional results you need exceptional education

This is our specialty.

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